Within our specialized programs, students can receive a variety of the following services:



Main Services

Equine Therapy

Equine therapy was the original service offered at Tesoros de Dios. We provide equine therapy as a treatment therapy in the physical, occupational, behavioral, and language areas where the movement of the horse is used as part of an integral intervention. Through this therapy, a child with disability can acquire coordination skills, strengthened muscles, language, concentration, emotional control, social conscience, relationship with others, and self-esteem.

Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy

Physical therapy focuses on the physical rehabilitation of children and teenagers with disabilities. Considering the diagnosis and age of the child, we facilitate techniques and strategies to work at home to reach appropriate development. Occupational therapy focuses in rehabilitation in sensory, fine motor, and life skills for children and teenagers. At Tesoros de Dios, both physical and occupational therapy services are provided by physical therapist.


We provide early childhood education services to help develop cognitive and language skills through play. In our special education program, we also provide academic support for elementary and secondary education. Additionally, the children use technology (computers, ipads, communication devices) to develop cognitive and communication skills.

Speech Therapy

Although there is not an official speech therapist on our staff, our teachers and therapists have been trained to evaluate and apply strategies so that a child can increase and improve communication skills. The service may include support with intentional communication (non-verbal) and verbal communication, as well as using signs, picture communication cards, and communication devices.


Vocational services help children or teenagers with disabilities to acquire independence skills that will help them be part of the community they live in (whether it is at home, school, church, store, etc).

Health Plan

Our health plan service exists to maintain and/or improve the quality of life for individuals at Tesoros de Dios, both physically and emotionally. Physically, services can include providing fortified soy rice, training in feeding techniques for individuals with disabilities, and preventative health training for common maladies. Emotionally, services are provided by our psychologist in the form of counseling for emotional, behavioral, or transitional difficulty.

Home Treatment

For individuals unable to attend programs at Tesoros de Dios, we provide home visit services that allow for staff to conduct therapy in the individual’s home.


Secondary Services

Family Support

Families are also offered services at Tesoros de Dios to support and collaborate with them as they care for their children with disabilities. We provide spiritual support through devotions, along with counseling sessions on grief, transitions, and conflicts. The family is also involved in the development of each child’s goals and therapy program. By forming this partnership, our impact goes far beyond the time a child spends at the center, because home also becomes a place where they can work toward their goals.


We provide free transportation for our children and families to attend Tesoros de Dios. Due to the challenges of traveling with a child with disabilities (mostly on public transportation), this service opens many doors for families that would not otherwise be able to receive therapy here.