Tesoros de Dios serves individuals with disabilities from infancy to 23 years of age. Each student is a part of one of our six specialized programs. In addition to focus areas, each program addresses the spiritual growth of our students.

Early Intervention Program

This program stimulates and fosters the physical, intellectual and social development of a child from an early age to gain and strengthen abilities that have been affected by a disability.

Skills Development Program

This program includes school-age children that are not cognitively at the level to succeed in the special education program. In this program they continue developing physical, language, sensory, and cognitive skills.

Special Education Program

This program offers academic support to children and adolescents that have educational special needs through adapted curriculum and activities.

Autism Program

This program offers specialized attention to children and teenagers with autism, where we address sensory processing, communication, independence, and academic needs.

Transition Program

In this program, teenagers and young adults with disabilities learn important skills for a more independent life in the community. The program lasts a maximum of two years and ends with a community internship in an area appropriate for the interest and skills of the student.

Palliative Care Program

This program offers therapy to children and teenagers with more severe disabilities with the purpose of maintaining skills and providing quality of life care