Outreach Vision:

Tesoros de Dios envisions a Nicaragua where children with disabilities have full access to inclusive schools, churches, and communities through continued collaboration and intentional partnership.


Our Outreach Program has three components:

Collaboration with Schools

We walk alongside private and public schools throughout Nicaragua by offering support as they include children with disabilities into their schools.

Location: Managua, Matagalpa, and any other department that requests support
Serves: Tesoros de Dios’s students that attend regular schools, as well as students that attend schools associated with Tesoros de Dios.

Services Offered:

Workshops on topics related to Inclusive Education

Support with developing Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) and Behavior Plans

Formal evaluations

Coordination between the special education program of Tesoros de Dios and the schools

Support with transition to further education and vocational training

Connection between the school and other resources offered by organizations that collaborate with Tesoros de Dios

Collaboration with Churches

Seeing the need of churches in Nicaragua to know how God truly views people with disability, we walk alongside churches to provide information and tools needed to best include people with disabilities into their congregations.

Serves: Tesoros de Dios’s students and to any other churches interested.

Services Offered:

Workshops for the church related to disability

Promotion of home visits by the church for individuals with disability

Support in creating inclusive ministry within the church

Developing inclusion plans for specific individuals in the church in collaboration with the inclusive ministry.

Collaboration with Communities

This component of our outreach program allows us to reach more individuals with disabilities throughout Nicaragua. Through this collaboration, we partner with other organizations and ministries, and visit communities to raise awareness of individuals with disabilities in the community.

Serves: General population

Services Offered:

Workshops to raise community awareness

Formal psychological evaluations, physical therapy evaluations, and speech evaluations

Home visits

Connections with other services offered by organizations that collaborate with Tesoros de Dios