Please continue to pray for the direction of this program, along with the spiritual growth of all staff and families who are involved.


Come down on a team to help with general building maintenance, therapy and educational needs, medical needs, or just general encouragement for the staff and families.

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Sponsor a Child

By sponsoring a child, your gift enables our ministry to continue to provide services for that child in areas of Physical Therapy, Hippo Therapy, Special Education, and Transportation. You will receive a picture and profile of your child along with periodic updates.


To BEGIN sponsoring a child please email us at

For more info on sponsoring a child click here.

Sponsor a day/week of Operations

Your sponsorship will provide Equestrian Therapy, Physical Therapy, Special Education, Transportation, and Facility Maintenance for one day/week.

Sponsor Transportation Needs

Your donation will help fund transportation costs for one day/week.

Sponsor Horse Therapy

Your donation will help fund expenses for our horses, such as horse feed, medicine and proper care.

General Donation

Your donation will help to fund the ongoing expenses of serving our children and their families which include building, vehicle and horse maintenance as well as staff salaries.


Our program runs off of donations and the sponsorship program. For more information on how to make a donation, please visit our donations page