Want to invest in a child’s growth and therapy at Tesoros? Child Sponsorship allows you to partner directly with one (or many) of our children to make a lasting impact in his/her development.

How It Works:

Child Sponsorship at Tesoros de Dios is a relationship. It is a connection between one of our children and you, where prayers, stories, and life are shared. Our children and families find great encouragement knowing that someone is investing in their growth and praying for them. We facilitate this relationship by sending you a profile of your child, periodic updates, and prayer request. Sponsors are able to reciprocate with emails, cards, or gifts for children, though this is not required. Financially, your sponsorship donation goes into the general fund of Tesoros de Dios enabling us to continue offering life-changing programs and services to our children.

Why It Matters:

Children with disabilities in Nicaragua are often shunned or neglected. For our children, having a sponsor is one more way they experience the love and acceptance of God at Tesoros de Dios. Additionally, Child Sponsorship is one of the main funding sources for Tesoros de Dios. By partnering with Tesoros through Child Sponsorship, you ensure that children with disabilities in Nicaragua can receive the support and therapy they deserve.

What It Costs:

The cost for a child to attend Tesoros de Dios is approximately $90/month. Sponsorship starts at $30/month ($360/year), with the goal of having three sponsors per child. You may choose to contribute more or sponsor more than one child at a time.


*Though gifts are welcome, they are not required and are not included in the sponsorship cost.*

Apply to sponsor a child: